Hallo lieverdjes,


The spirit of Petit is to start small and create a ripple that will touch our hearts and become a memory that won't fade away. To create as much positive energy to beat all the negativity at least in a small part of the world. But in case that you might get infected with the petit virus you are welcome to infect others...

#keepthejazzalive #petitenaar


Help us to keep the theatre open by becoming a Petitenaar or just any donation we welcome. Petit is not funded by anyone...

Hip is het woord dat stijgt met stip.
Trendy is het "zusje"van en beleving het "nichtje"van. Heen en weer geslingerd in het trendy haastige hipperdepippe belevingsgedrag maar, Le petit house of theatre & cooking is een plek waar je jezelf mag zijn, ja gewoon zijn. Toffe concerten en echte mensen. Want  vergeet niet, echte mensen maken mooie dingen en dat is pas hip...

The Sugar Shack where dreams come alive!

The café is open daily from 14:00. Concerts Thursday - Saturday 21:00
Concerts mostly every Sunday 16:00 need a chair? Show up early 😊

If you want to play in petit send an email to programmering@petittheatre.nl