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Home feeling Massimiliano Rolff

€ 9,50

Home feeling Massimiliano Rolff

€ 9,50

Massimiliano Rolff HOME FEELING – feat. Hector Martignon







Written and produced by Massimiliano Rolff over a few months of intense traveling around the globe, the album “Home Feeling” is the seventh album by the Italian composer and double bass player.

Rolff follows his artistic path that aims to create a positive musical language and a special blend of jazz and Afro-Cuban elements, which share unique sounds and rhythms with a band of wonderful musicians: the New York resident Colombian pianist Hector Martignon, and the Genoese percussionist Mario Principato.

“Home Feeling” is a truly immersive concert, where the audience meets the joyful souls of the artist on stage. The original music consists of very simple lyrical melodies that highlight and exalt the improvisational skills of the trio through complex musical forms.

Rolff offers an elegant and refined musical scene, and leads the trio in an amazing live performance, with the crisp sound of his double bass, while exuding a suspended image of profound serenity that builds a crossover bridge between European and Latin American music.

The album "Home Feeling" is following a great success of public and critics here in Italy, also thanks to the presence in the group of the great pianist