LVD TRIO 24th of March 21:00 from Reunion ( Indian Ocean)

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Lise Van Dooren

MoAdib Garti

Guillaume Robert

At first he studied violin, then double bass at the music conservatory of Rennes.
Among his main musical collaborations, since 1995:
- "Translave", a band with which he recorded 3 albums (between 1999 and 2003)
- "Playtime", with saxophonist Pierre-Yves Merel and drummer Franck Thomelet ("Jazz à l'Ouest" festival in Rennes in 2003 and 2006) - "Tchavolo Schmitt Quartet", (tour in 2005 for the movie "Swing" by Tony Gatlif)
- "Pierre-Yves Menuau Quintet" (Jazz in Marciac 2009)
- 'Julien Bruneteau Trio" (tour in Morocco in 2012)
He has played with Tom Mc Clung, Phillipe Catherine, Simon Goubert, Daniel Zimmerman, Mourad Benhamou ...
He has also worked with dancers and in the theater
- duet created in 1995 with the dancer Anamaria Fernandes
- Compagnie "Carnets de voyage" ("Le rire des amants" G.Kasza, French cultural center, Kabul 2004)
- "Company KF" ("Quelque fois je suis la pluie" in 2005)
He wrote the music for several documentary films ("Skrivan" by Roland Michon, "La dance du logis" by Michel Charron and Anamaria Fernandes in 2005, "La mémoire d'Alan" by Céline Dréan in 2007)
Since 2009, he has played with the “Khoury Project”, in France and the Middle East, (Dubai, Amman, Abu Dhabi, Bharein), a project in which wereinvited Estrella Morente (Mucem, Marseille 2013) and also Roberto Alagna (International Festival of Fez 2014).
Since 2017 he has lived in Reunion island, and plays with Luc Joly, Mongy Yahi, Teddy Doris, Lise Van Dooren, Adib Garti, and others.






Born in 1986 in Brittany (France), she studied classical piano, and jazz (with Jean-Philippe Lavergne) in the music conservatory of Saint-Brieuc (DEM of piano in 2007 and DEM of jazz in 2010). Among her first musical experiences, there are "Nimbus Orchestra" 2008 (directed by Fabrizio Cassol) and "Skrilh",the project of double bassist Cyrille de Penven (a creation from the poems of Anjela Duval). She moved to Rennes (Britanny) in 2012 where she joined the local jazz scene. Regularly asked to play with singers, she performed in a duet with Aïda Diene (tour in Marseille in 2013) and within bands such as: "Girls Talk jazz quartet" with Nathalie Herczog (tours in the Netherlands in 2013/2014 "Jazz West" festival in 2015), and "Loulou's back in town" (2016 "West Jazz Festival"). She participated in various creations and shows, such as "Swing Chic and Zazous Choc" ("Théâtre du Pré Perché") with Hugues Charbonneau (comedian) and Marion Thomas (singer), and the "Projet Fantôme" with magician Etienne Saglio ("Miamiro" festival in Gent in 2018).

Pianist, but also composer, she worked with musicians from Rennes and formed the band "Sospiro quintet", with which she played her own music (springboard "Jazz à Vannes" in 2016, festival "Beauport en voix" in 2017). Since 2018 she has lived on Reunion island and play with the band Kombo (Mélanie Bourire, Frank Paco)



A Belgian-Moroccan musician, since 2014 living in Reunion. He left Morocco for Belgium in 1999 to devote himself to music. A self-taught musician, he became a multi-instrumentalist.
He spent 10 years in Brussels and shared music with many musicians, such as Pierre Anckaert (Piano), Stephane Bracaval (flute), Ivo Sans (Drums), Olivier Hernandez (Harmonica), Jordi Grognard (Sax) , and Nicolas Lancerotti (bass).

Then he moved to Mayotte for 4 years, where he taught music, and worked with various artists, such as Eliasse Joma (singer), and El Had (poet).
Living in Reunion since 2014, he has continued to make beautiful musical encounters (Luc Joly, David Felix, Eric Lucilly, Mickael Beaulieu), and also collaborated with contemporary dance: creation of the show "Le 7ème sens" by Saby Morales, and "Lo Kor Kanne" with the company Luc Maubon. He recorded a first album in June 2017 with "MoAdiB Jazz Ansnam", composed of Nicolas Beaulieu (guitar), David Fourdrinoy (vibraphone), Pierre Pothin (sax) and Youric Delacuvellerie (bass) Currently, he plays in various bands in Reunion Island: "Aquarella", "Lise Van Dooren Trio", "Sarahysha", "KAY Trio" ...