Venue/Meeting Place. 


Le Petit Theatre can be Rented out as a venue for business meetings, and conferences. Our venue is situated in a monumental building, therefore you can expect a unique and cost atmosphere. There is a bar with coffee, tea, and other drinks inside the venue, as well as WC access. We are located in the heart of Groningen for easy transport, and there is parking space outside. Access to a projector, and mic system (PA system) can be requested. Our venue fits around 30 people, however we also have a large terrace for summer bookings. 


In order to rent out the venue, please email or call at:




For a further look: 


Venue prices:


9:00am until 13:00 pm - 75 euros. 


14:00 until 18:00pm  - 95 euros. 


19:00 until 23:00pm - 175 euros.


Whole day/De hele dag = 300 euros. 


If you have a different schedule, please contact us. 


Catering prices: 


Borrel - 19,95 p.p including 2 drinks (coffee, tea, wine, beer, excl. spirits)

Borrel - 24,95 p.p including 3 drinks (coffee, tea, wine, beer, excl. spirits)

Vergaderarrangement/Beverage Arrangement (During meeting/conference) = 9,95  p.p (2 hot beverages, and small snacks)